Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tricorn Games - Flipped Off!

I am excited to announce that I have embarked upon a new venture - Tricorn Games. Under this banner we will be developing and publishing tabletop and card games, with potential expansion into the realm of mobile and computer games.

Flipped Off!, our first product is currently in the final stages of development and playtesting. Flipped Off is a tactical card game where you play a plotting Mastermind aiming to defeat your rivals and seize control of the city for yourself. You must manage your Minions - the Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots that do your bidding, play actions that can improve your situation or wreak havoc with your enemies, and use your Minions to launch attacks and hope that your rivals can’t turn the cascade of results to their own advantage.

We are currently recruiting playtesters, if you would like an early look at this game and would like to help us refine it and have input into the final result - please sign up here and join us! Playtesters will receive a high-quality printable PDF of all the game components and instructions, access to the playtest forum, and active participants will receive public credit for their contributions when the final release has been completed.

In addition to Flipped Off!, we have several additional projects under development which will be announced when they are ready for release.

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