Friday, August 07, 2015

A New Endeavor - Timesplice : A Novel

I've decided to try my hand at something new, something I've never tried to do before. I'm writing a book.

Now I'm not new to storytelling, or short form writing by any stretch. But most of the writing and storytelling that I've done has been in the context of a game - most often Dungeons & Dragons which I have been running games for nearly 15 years. But what I like about being a GM is not only shaping a story, creating grand plots, but also collaborating with the players and getting new and unexpected ideas from them.

This is a bit different. I have control over the story from the start to end, and I'm also writing it in a non-traditional narrative structure too.

So this is where you come in. The website is at and the book is called Timesplice. It is going to be freely available, chapter by chapter, as I write it. Each week (on Monday mornings) I will add new content and sometimes revise/edit existing content. It won't be a full chapter each week, but at very least a new scene. I would also be happy to receive feedback, the more constructive the better! I have most of the story arc in my head already, I've been thinking about and working on this in some capacity for a year, but I am open to new possibilities too. Questions, comments, suggestions, they are all welcome.

I've also published on my new website a short story titled "Confessions of a Drone Pilot". It's one I wrote awhile back, but I figured since I was going to the effort to create a website I might as well publish it too.

Just as an added plug as a thank you, my friend Bill Harris of Dubious Quality has been helping me with editing. He is also the developer of the game (available on steam) Gridiron Solitaire.

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